Time-lapse with long intervals

I’d like to install a 360-camera outdoors on a pole for time-lapse 360 photography. I need long intervals, i.e. 1 shot/hour or even longer. Can I do it with a Theta camera? Which one? What settings would I need?

The mobile app may be able to take long intervals.

You need to supply a charge to the camera with a USB cable.

How many hours are you taking?

The camera is supposed to stay there permanently. The idea is powering it using a cable and a battery
on the floor.
The solution looks complicated, hence I understand the camera itself is not able to do time-lapse at long intervals. Can anyone tell me the longest lapse that can be set with the camera alone?

3600 seconds.


I have not checked if the mobile app allows this setting.

Yes,theta V can setup up for 60min(3600sec),but max is still 200pic.

No, just don’t specify a maximum number and you can shoot without a limit.


Hi @buyer,

@CorLeone is correct. Please note, “not specified” is at the beginning of the number settings, not up past 200. See screenshot (English version of RICOH THETA desktop app):

Do you need the mobile phone near the camera while the pictures are being taken? Or, can you start the shoot with the mobile phone, then walk away with the phone and leave the camera taking interval shots plugged into a power source?

You only need to start the shooting with the app. After that, you can leave the camera alone.


@Agustin_Lobo, did you set up your timelapse project? Do you have any pictures? I’d be interested to hear how you are using it.