iPad OS native stitching of dng files

Hello everyone

I recently purchased the 2020 iPad Pro and I noticed that when I look at my raw unstitched dngs the OS was natively stitching my photos together. When I viewed the photos in Files they were all equirectangular. Unfortunately when I opened them in affinity or Lightroom the photos reverted back to dual fisheye images.

I am coming from Microsoft workflow so I am wondering if this is an Apple OS occurrence or unique to the iPad. If unique any developers know of a way to save the dngs without the need of an additional stitching software?

I think I have attached an example photo here. I did not use theta z1 stitcher or any software for the stitch.

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If the attached file is big, it will not appear in this forum. You need to put the image on GoogleDrive or Dropbox or similar place and put the link here.

The DNG file has an embedded equirectangular file that is used for preview.

The OS is likely not actually stitching the images together unless you used the THETA Stitcher with Lightroom.

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That is very interesting Craig thanks for the quick reply.

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Hi, @Noah_Toates
That’s normal behavior.
All the dng images of Z1 are dualfisheye, not equirectangular. But they are embedded a small equi(1024*512) as the thumbnails.

If you wanna stitch them with using your iPad, you should buy Z1 Stitcher for iOS. TouchRetouch would be much more useful.

Good luck.

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