Is there a Downloadable Manual for the Z1?

I’m going to be in the air on my way to Africa for the next 30+ hours and I’d really like to bone up on the operation of my “new” Z1. Anyone know where I could get such a thing.
[I do not understand why the Ricoh site is built the way it is]

You can use your browser to open web page and print to pdf document. As a result you will get the digital offline file to read without internet… also there are offline browser tools that you can use to grap whole website so that you could read it offline. If you travel often and for longer time you could consider this…


A manual? Why do you need such thing?

Hurry up, or the page will go away soon.

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I think he wanted to read it on the plane with no Wi-Fi. I found this online.

theta_z1.pdf (2.3 MB)

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Not a bad suggestion except the links go in so many places that I’m apt to miss one.

Any suggestions as to what I can use to “scrape” the site to get it all?

That there is no manual available is rather telling to me.

Thank you for this. I’m actually back from the trip (20 hours each way)