Issue with HDRI plugin brackets number

Hey everyone,

I am using the most recent firmware for the Z1 and the most recent version of the HDRI plugin. The bracket number seems to be limited to 7 and 9, i can not set it to any other number, it just cycles between these two.

I have tried to:

  • reinstall the plugin
  • play with a combination of different settings (Shutter, etc.)
  • reset everything and start anew

But nothing seems to work - i can not go past 9 brackets, which i would really need for a job currently…

Any help is greatly appreciated!



The plug-in has been updated to default to Burst capture mode.
Burst capture mode is faster, but the number of shots is limited to 9. This is due to the device’s memory limit on the memory buffer.
When burst mode is turned off, it takes longer to take a picture, but up to 13 pictures will be taken at the maximum setting.

  • When burst capture is ON, the maximum number of shots is 9, and RAW saving is OFF. Burst capture is ON by default.
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