Theta SC2 - Problems with Bracket Shooting Mode

Hi, I recently got a Ricoh Theta SC2 and I’ve been trying to do some HDRi.
My first problem is that when I try to set the shutter speeds in the Brackets config, 1/3200 and 1/4000, it goes back to the default setting wich I think is 1/1000 or 1/1250.
Another problem I got is that dispite being in 5600k, the WB changes and looks like 5000k instead in my 1/10000 exposure bracket.
The third problem is that my 1/2500 exposure looks brighter than the 1/1250, So i have a jump in exposure values from 1/1250 to 1/640. Right now im changing the order of the 1/2500 with the 1/2500, but my +1 EV bracket its not respected.

My brackets looks like this at the moment:
iso 64, wb 5600k for all of them.
1/20000; 1/10000; 1/5000; 1/2500; 1/1250, 1/640; 1/320; 1/160; 1/80; 1/40; 1/20; 1/10; 1/5

I really hope it’s me doing something wrong and not a cam malfunction, also hope that my message is clear, I’m not an english native speaker.
Thanks in advance