hdri plugin doesnt let me save raw files.

I bougtht an theta z1 specially for creating hdri for vfx work, as there is the official plugin here:

in the description of the plugin is stated:

But the button doesnt do anything. also the older plugin version had the same behavior.
im quite disspointed, as the jpg stitched version is not really high quality.
any ideas?

Did you upgrade the Z1 firmware?

does authydra also not work?

jep i upgraded to the newest version.
Also tried Authydra but i couldnt get that to work at all.
Is it supposed to work for z1?

or can anyone confirm the plugin working as intended at the newest firmware?

This plugin creates exr(hdr) based on JPEG data. if Burst capture is ON, RAW and JPG cannot be saved at the same time. Therefore, if you need both RAW and JPEG data, you need to turn off Burst capture. In this case, the normal multi-bracket mode will be used, so it will take longer to take a picture.
Therefore, if you need RAW with a shorter shooting time, you can use AE Bracket (burst capture) in standard shooting mode or use other plug-ins such as Burst-IBL-Shooter or DualFisheye RAW to bracket your RAW shots.

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