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Light and color differences between lenses

Dear friends,

As demonstrated in the image below I am quite worried about differences between lenses. I had this camera dropped but before that I had these differences as well. The problem increases in video captured in extreme conditions (too much light or darkness)

Do you have any idea how to solve or anybody had the same problem?


locate the brightest source of light and position the thin edge of the camera toward it so that both lenses receive the same amount of light. You can then change the angle of view with software post-shoot.

Hi, thanks for the response. So my camera is not broken, it is a kind of expected problem ok?

If you experience a problem in bright light, it’s probably not a problem with the lenses. You can reduce the effect with the technique described. HDR may help.

You can also take two shots. Rotate the camera 90 degrees between shots and try and merge them together with something like PTGui.

The two shots below are taken with the same camera minutes apart.


In the image below, you can rotate it and see that the color difference is resolved.


This is another spot that is using the same camera.