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Theta V Expossure and lines alignment not are equal on both Lenses

Hi all

Im a newbie on 360 photography, Some days ago I bougth a brand new Theha V, procesing my first sooting I see a color, focus and quality difference between lenses, after read some post with tips and tried take a better images but really Im not see my pictures as advertised on Theta webpage

On the location the cammera is al 5 feet tall, the firmware running is 3.40.1 and the theta soft on the PC is a 3.14.0

On this first image (on interior) have a difference of color and the next a not alingnment with blur zones

I tried a best shoot turn around the camera for lookin the same ligth on both lenses, this is the best shoot. (pls ignore the red arrows)

On the exterior image Stitched I see alignment fail, blur stich and the same color difference

This is a screenshoot of a proceced image on Photoshop V 21.2.3 and stitched on Lapentor app

This is anormal performance of this rig and need request a RMA? or need add more steps on my post-production?

Pls check and stich the original files.

I attatch the RAW files (manual mode at iso 64) Another HDR modes are tested with same results

Tnx by your replies

Hi. I know it doesn’t help, but I have the same issue with my Z1. Hopefully someone here knows a solution for our problem. And I have already tried several different settings and positions…

Regarding the color issue:
All three pictures are taken with one lens facing a strong light source (sun or bright window) and the other not. So the first lens will suffer from lens flare which may result in the magenta cast that is visible.
The stitching algorithm has to blend these different exposures which is not trivial.

I don’t have experience with the THETA V (only the Z1 and the S) so I can’t assess whether the result is normal for the V - just two thoughts:

  1. Try whether this issue disappears when orienting the camera in a way so that the strong light source is in the seam area.
  2. The sharpness seems to differ at the seam as well. Therefore you should test whether the two lens modules behave the same: Take two pictures with rotating the camera 180° and compare them. Does the area with the color cast and the reduced sharpness move between the two pictures? Then the issue is specific to the lens module. This should not happen (assuming that the lenses are undamaged and clean)!

Please provide the original DNGs for further investigation.

It seems that the images were taken in very narrow rooms with the stitching seam are being very close to the lenses. This will result in stitching issues due to the parallax involved. Try to rotate the camera by 90°.

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@CorLeone thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the platform here doesn’t accept my original DNG file as it is “too big”. I have uploaded to wetransfer though. Here is the download link
Regarding your remark, the room was about 3m wide in this case. That shouldn’t be too narrow particularly as I have seen samples of car interiors? But I have the same result in bigger rooms. I have also tried to vary the height of the monopod because the greatest issue is underneath.
The thing is that I get slightly better results if I shoot single pictures. But using DualFisheye worsens it.
In the end nothing is close to those Youtube video demonstrations – but then yes, they are payed by the brand…

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