List of Google Street View Trusted Photographers



I’m very pleased that you enjoyed my images.
I used 6 panos for 1st level and 7 for the second, in toal 13 panos.


Can I get an add to the list please, Gary Howard, Manchester England


@Gary_Howard Added, with a shiny :new: icon, as well! Thank you!


Hahaha thank you very much


Michael Usami from Tokyo


Sydney Wood Edmonton Alberta Canada
Theta V hobbiest


Thanks for compiling this list.
Here’s my entry:

Peter Van den Wyngaert - (Beerzel, Belgium) Google Maps


Please add me.

Jorge Garza - (Monterrey)

Thank you.


Please ad Switzerland


Thanks very much for the note, added you @michael!


@Sydney_Wood, thanks a ton, you’re on the list!


@Peter, added! Really appreciate the detailed information, great looking sites!


@Jorge_Garza, added you, great to have another listing from Mexico, such a beautiful country. Thank you!


Oh, wow, our first from Switzerland, fantastic! Thank you @Adrian_Thuler. Do you want to add a Canton or city within Switzerland? (Not required.)


Thank you very much! I really appreciate it.
Have a wonderful day!





Our first entry from Greece, very pleased to have you! Can you confirm that you use RICOH THETA for your work?

For a specific location (within Greece), I found these listed on your site here:

So your entry will look like this:


  • Vasillis Karypidis - - (Thessaloniki, Chalcidice, Athens, Prefecture of Imathia, Prefecture of Kilkis, County of Pella, Prefecture of Pieria)

Thank you,


how can I confirm it?


Have you used them? How did you find out about them?


I did not understand what you asked.