Live streaming 360 VR video direct to iphone

Im working on an autoscopic [self seeing] research project - I am trying to stream live from the camera to my iPhone in real-time 360 video in VR mode [dual screen]

So I can use this as a VR headset and see my self as I walk around in 3rd person. Here is a link to the project so far. Is there any way of doing this?

As you can see I am developing a clucky servo controlled camera rig, which is not a great solution…

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Live treaming it to Facebook and then viewing through VR is a possibility but relies on fast internet connection which i won’t have outside.

Its a really interesting experience but my system just has a fixed camera at a point 2 m behind my self. If I could stream live 360 direct from the theta, and look around that would be amazing. It would save having to strap a laptop to my back. Any help would be appreciated.

Can you mirror your PC/Mac to your phone like this?

This might be relevant.

Hey thanks, this is really usefull. Mirroring the screen is no problem, its what i am doing at the moment using “OBS” to lay out stereo image, and “Duet” to mirror screen - that segway project looks amazing. The drone project looks like what I need. Full 360 interaction in real time through headset/ Problem is these use proper VR headsets - I dont have one and want to use iPhone so I can be mobile / Lightweight and not have to rely on a PC - must be something out there!

This looks like a great project you’re working on. I’ll post some pictures from your blog here to help other people understand your project goals. People may be working on similar projects.

I believe that @Jake_Kenin project uses A-Frame for the navigation and partial display.

You may be able to adapt it to stereoscopic. A-Frame is browser-based and works in mobile phones. I have not verified the streaming. If you get it working, please post back to here.

Current example is with video file.

General A-Frame info.

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He thanks for the nice comments
That would be really helpful - Really appreciate that!

I will keep you updated ….
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