MiniPC $269 Ryzen 5700u Review for Software Development


Review of the Ace Magician AM06PRO that uses a Ryzen 5700u CPU with onboard graphics. The unit sells for $269 on Amazon with 16GB of RAM and 512GB NVMe storage. Windows 11 Home is pre-loaded.

video review


Unity script if you’re interested in streaming the THETA V, X, Z1 into a Unity program with a USB cable. Test is shown in video.

Using ChatGPT to Develop RICOH THETA Live Streaming Unity Applications

Update April 10, 2024
Still use MiniPC everyday, all day. Ran into system slowdown yesterday when doing a video conference with 50+ browser tabs open. Increased swap on Linux to 16GB. Will check if I can increase video RAM in BIOS.

DaVinci Resolve cannot run on the computer.

I’m using OpenShot to edit the video and Audacity for the audio.

Test with USB API

SSD Installation

Picture is incorrect. Blue tab needs to be on top.


OpenCV on Linux

works with no problem. THETA X streaming over USB cable at 30fps, 4K

Panini Viewer on Linux

Image from THETA Z1.

Unity on Windows 11

Streaming over USB cable. 4K 30fps.

Building theta-client open source SDK for RICOH THETA