New RICOH THETA firmware version 2.50.1 is available

Installing and testing with several plug-ins this afternoon. I’ll let you know if I have any issues. A couple of the updates look pretty cool

Details here:
Download here:


・The following settings can now be made when connecting to RICOH THETA V and shooting video.

-Bitrate High / Low

-Audio gain OFF

*Requires the latest version of the smartphone app (iOS 2.2.0 or above, Android 1.20.0 or above)

・The power lamp can now be used to display the battery level in detail.

80% or more Blue

50 to 80% Yellow

30 to 50% Lights red

Under 30% Flashes red

・Changed the device name displayed when connecting by Bluetooth.

Old: Numerical part of the serial number (12345678)

New: THETA + serial number (THETAYL12345678)

・Self-timer now covers video shooting.

・The version of the USB Data Transfer plug-in has been upgraded. Various settings can now be made.

-Move, copy and delete each file.

-Format of external devices (ext4/FAT32).

*When handling files that exceed 4GB, dedicated software is required. View details here

・Bug fix.

it’ll be interesting to compare the video quality on YouTube between the different bitrates. I’m also curious as to the comparison of file size of the video file at different bit rates

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Made this image to more easily understand how the THETA V indicates battery charge using the power LED.


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Was this image previously in another article? Or, did you use it in a video? If it’s in a different article, maybe merge the two topics?