New USB API camera connection issue

Hi There

We have a new camera issue that is different to anything we have encountered previously and wondered if anyone had any ideas?

We have tried powering the camera down and remotely rebooting the pi all without success.

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.


I have not seen this problem before and unfortunately cannot think of a solution.

likely unrelated, but I’ve had problems with gvfs in the past.

If it is running, you can try and kill it:

In the past, I needed to uninstall gvfs-backends to get gphoto2 working properly. However, that was many versions of Raspberry OS ago.

See this post:

Are you using the Python bindings for libghoto2?

Thank you Craig will give it a try

Best wishes


There are several people on this forum using the USB API in long-term use, if you don’t get a solution here, you can also try direct message individual people to see if they’ve had any long-term usage issues.

I’ll also try and look into this.

You’re using a THETA Z1 with the Raspberry Pi 4, right?

Hi Craig

Thank you for your very kind offer

We have 3 cameras running on a very interesting long term project-when completed it will be for 3 months.

Reliability is pretty good overall-until now



Are all three cameras Z1 units? I remember that you were trying the X for a while, right?

Hi Craig

All Z1’s

We found the X a challenge with power (over a very long term)
The issue was intermittent , but just often enough to make us ‘play it safe’ with Z1’s