Running face blur plug-in whilst using the USB API

Hello there

I am using a Theta Z1 with the excellent USB API

Do you know if it is possible to use the automatic Face Blur plugin whilst the camera is being controlled and triggered remotely via the USB API?

I have installed the plug in and tried to run the USB API but I get the following message

Is there a way round this?

Many Thanks


I do not think you can use the USB API when a plug-in is running.

I believe you can start and stop the plug-in.

However, I do not know how you would trigger the shot when the Face Blur plug-in is running.

You likely need to download the image from the camera to the RPi4 and then add the faceblur on the RPi4.

I have not tried the tutorial below. There seems to be many tutorials about face blurring.

Blur and anonymize faces with OpenCV and Python - PyImageSearch

You can control the plug-in using HTTP if you switch to Ethernet on the THETA X.

This may not meet your requirements. However, it could be a strategy to consider.

Hi Craig

Just watched your excellent video on this

Using this method would it be possible to schedule a photo to be taken at a chosen interval from a Pi/Jetson?

Many thanks


most people use a bash script in a loop. You can use curl on Linux (or RPi OS) to send the command to take a picture.

If the interval is short, you can sleep the program inside the loop.

If the interval is long, such as once a day, you can use crontab

Example of taking a picture is here:

NOTE: most people are using the USB API for this type of long-term use. There are limited examples using Ethernet. We don’t have examples of controlling the plug-in over Ethernet in production use. You would be a pioneer.

Hi Craig

Thank you so much, will give it a go

Not sure what I did with my time prior to the USB API rabbit hole



The Ethernet will only work with a THETA X. It won’t work with a Z1 with the current firmware.