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New Z1 and V Bluetooth Remote Control and Underwater Mode Free Upgrade

Successful Test of JOBY Impulse Bluetooth Clicker

  1. started plug-in
  2. long-pressed JOBY Bluetooth clicker. It appears to have paired.
  3. Now working. Press bluetooth clicker and it takes the picture.

Sorry for the late reply.

  1. Started plug in
  2. Turned on Bluetooth remote (has an on/off switch)
  3. Pressed button and it takes the picture


New video from @YuqingGuo



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Did you resolve your problem? I was using my Z1 over the weekend with a Pixel 2. I had some problems until I disabled bluetooth on my phone. I’m not sure if the Z1 was trying to connect to my Pixel 2 with bluetooth or not.

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Just did some more testing: Indeed, disabling Bluetooth on the mobile seems to resolve the Wifi connectivity issue - great!
This is funny, as Bluetooth on the Z1 was disabled in both cases.
Seems to be a bug in the app. Will you report this to Ricoh?

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Thanks for reporting back on this. I still think there’s something sluggish about the camera-phone connection even after disabling bluetooth, but it seems usable in my case. I may try and do a factory reset on my Z1.

I can send this to RICOH, but want to confirm the specific device. You had this problem on this phone, right?

Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F) with Android 8.0.0

And the problem only started to occur after you tried to use the bluetooth remote control plug-in?

In my case, I used Google Pixel 2 with Android 10.

I only saw the problem after I tried the bluetooth remote and I still encountered the problem after I uninstalled the plug-in. I can use the camera now with bluetooth on my phone disabled and 5GHz Wi-fi. I have not tested the setup enough to have a firm understanding of the problem.

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Yes, my device is a Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F) with Android 8.0.0.

The problem started after upgrading to Z1 firmware version 1.31.1.

Of cource, I also tried the bluetooth remote control plug-in directly after installing the firmware, but I doubt that the plug-in itself causes the problem as I deinstalled it after unsuccessful testing.
Maybe deinstallation does not work currectly and a factory reset of the Z1 is required; haven’t tried this yet.

I would have rolled back to the previous firmware version if possible. Unfortunately it’s not.

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Thanks. That’s a good insight that it may not be related to the plug-in, but might be related to the firmware upgrade. Like you, I tried the remote control plug-in immediately after upgrading to 1.31.1. I’ve included your information in a report.