Oculus Go Plug-in Enables Direct Connection Between THETA V and Headsets

Immediately See Pictures in 360 in Your Oculus Go Headset

Connect. Shoot. View.

Overview of Setup Steps

  1. Download Plug-in
  2. Install plug-in in THETA V, set permission, Set Oculus Plug-in as default plug-in
  3. Connect Oculus Go to THETA V with Wi-Fi (using Oculus mobile app or inside of headset “settings”)
  4. Set THETA to plug-in mode. Press and hold the mode button.
  5. For AP (direct) mode, access by web browser of Oculus Go.

NOTE: You can also use CL (client mode). Check the IP address of your RICOH THETA V using the mobile app. Access http://[IP Address of THETA V]:8888 the the web browser of Oculus Go.

Plug-in Usage Overview

  1. Connect Oculus Go and THETA V with Wi-Fi (explained above)
  2. Shoot some pictures with the THETA V or have your friend take pictures while you have the headset on
  3. Immediately view image listing in the web browser (as explained above)
  4. Navigate individual images or video inside of the Oculus headset

Set View to 360

Initial view is in equirectangular. Set to 360 using the headset controller. The view menu will open up at the bottom of the picture.


Rotate Head to Navigate

Once you select an image with the controller, navigation of each image is integrated in the headset.

TIP: Once the headset and THETA V are connected, go to from inside the headset to start the navigation

Plug-in Download



Command Line

adb install filename

Permission Setup

Set Default Plug-in

Video Tests

Video works

If you don’t have a headset, you can use the plug-in with a web browser

Test with Web Browser

Download File to Local Computer

Hi codetricity, this might seem like a noob question but how do you set up the app permissions for the plugins on the camera? That RICOH THETA_V interface you have looks like a phone but for the camera?

I’ve managed to enable developer mode and use adb to install the oculus-go-plugin but can’t access the files on the camera from a browser, so I think I need to set the app permissions for the plugin.

Would appreciate any help, thanks.

@Adenator, thank you for your question. The plug-ins are new and everyone is a noob. :slight_smile:
Let’s share information.

Plug-in Store

First, when you get the plug-in from the store, the permissions are set for your automatically. This plug-in is slightly different, but it may be what you want:

Side-Load In Developer Mode

Second, if you want to use developer plug-ins, you can set the permissions in Vysor.

Download Vysor