Plug-in for THETA V Settings Reset - Now in Store

Hi! Resetting camera in your way demands [join the partner program]. It rather tricky and disables manufacturer support.
Can you make “official” plug-in to reset camera by just simply installing it from plug-in store?


Update: June 18, 2019 - Plug-in Now in Store

Original Post Below.

The API below does not require an unlocked camera

Is this a one-time reset? Or, are you looking for larger-scale management of multiple devices? For example, you’re teaching a class on 360 imagery and want to reset all cameras after the class?

I look for someone to build the type of plug-in you describe and put it in the store. I want to first verify that there’s a use for it.

This could be good timing as we have a plug-in developer contest going on right now and we know of developers looking for ideas. It’s a simple plug-in to build.

This type of plug-in would be a little dangerous if it was used incorrectly. The reset will delete all your pictures, which is good for a class, but not good for just one camera.

Note that if this works, it will delete the plug-in used for the reset as well. You will need to reinstall the plug-in used for the reset. If you are doing this on a regular basis, it’s better to have a desktop app that resets the camera. It would need to use the Wi-Fi API and connect to the camera with Ethernet USB OTG or Wi-Fi.

Curious to learn your use case.

Proposed Workflow

  1. Download proposed “reset plug-in” from the THETA Store using Mac/Windows laptop
  2. Connect THETA to laptop with USB cable
  3. install plug-in and set as active plug-in
  4. run plug-in to reset camera

In this scenario, your laptop would need to be connected to the Internet to download the plug-in from the store. It’s probably about 5 minutes per camera, maybe less.

I need to do it just from time to time because of this problem
I ran into this on the second day of working with the camera. And I’m not the only one. So the problem can become widespread. Not 100% sure that reset will solve the problem, but the probability is high.


I know people that can build this plug-in and make it freely available.

It may not solve your problem, but at least THETA V owners can try.

I do not know why the “offDelay” would have a null value. I wonder if some app deleted the offDelay.

Even though I don’t know if a reset plug-in will help with this specific problem, I understand that sometimes a reset solves weird problems. In my personal experience, I have reset the camera about 4 times to solve “unexplainable” problems and the problems did get solved.

Thanks for all this information.

Finally I could do reset with Postman (it was not easy because i am not developer) and the problem was solved!
So I think reset plug-in can be helpful in some cases.


Wow, this is very useful information. Thanks.

The plug-in will make it easier to reset. I understand that Postman is difficult to use.

Great info.

Update 6/7/2019 afternoon

@jcasman got some email from Jamie of Leaning Len. He’ going to give development a try with a camera that Jesse will loan him. Will let you know if there’s any progress.

Update 6/7/2019 - later afternoon

We have a version from community developers that can delete the settings and options. We are testing it now.

It seems like it will delete the offDelay you were having a problem with.

Got additional help from John P

Settings Reset

DANGER - This will delete all your settings.
To be safe, backup your media
before use.

Background and When to Use

.guide community member 1116, Vitaliy, requested this
plug-in be built to reset the offDelay setting. He was
having problems with the Android Mobile app failing
to work effectively with the RICOH THETA V.

Using the camera.reset command worked from Postman,
but was difficult to use.
Please read this topic: Building a Plug-in for Factory Reset

How To Use

Prior to using this plug-in you must first
use the RICOH desktop or mobile
app and select Settings Reset under Plug-in Management.

Press the side Wi-Fi button to perform
a settings reset.

  • the Wi-Fi LED will turn red briefly
  • there will be a short audio chirp
  • there camera will reboot


This plug-in was built by Leaning Len and John P in one day as a way to learn about plug-in development and help out the community with a simple utility. Idea for the plug-in and background information provided by 1116 - Vitaliy.

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I tested it, and I like it. Simple, easy. I can’t comment whether it helps with offDelay. But I had multiple settings (sleep, auto power off, camera shutter volume, transfer method) that were changed back to default instantly. Useful!

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Get John to submit it to the store so everyone with a camera can use it.

The plug-in appears to be fully functional for this simple task. :slight_smile: :theta::thetadev:

Update: 06/18/2019 Now in store.

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wow, yes, worked. thank you

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James, thanks for the success report. Without people reporting the problem and solution, we would have never even thought about building this utility. It’s really cool that it’s able to solve a problem.

Obviously, the problem shouldn’t occur to start with, but if it does, it’s nice to be able to reset the settings quickly.

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