Plug-in in ANDROID app

I’m on ANDROID app on a Huawey P30pro
app version 2.0.5
firmware version 1.80.1

In parametres > paramètres de l’appareil photo >Plug-in

I CANNOT CHANGE a plug-in in a plugin slot

This works fine in my PC application

Is this a bug on android app ?

It works on my tests with a Google Pixel 2. Try uninstall the app and reinstall it.

I’m using the same firmware and app version you posted.


I’m afraid I haven’t been clear
My goal is not to change a plug-in slot but to assign one of the four (or more) plug-ins on one of the three available slots

Maybe it was never possible with the Android mobile app? I can’t seem to add or delete a plug-in either.

Looking at the WebAPI, which the mobile app uses, it should be possible to manage the plug-in, but maybe the mobile app can’t do it.



At the moment, I can’t figure out how to do this from the official mobile app.

Is there any way to delete a plug-in from the list with the official mobile app?

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