Is it possible to manually set the Aperture in DualFishEye plugin

Hi guys
I’ve just started using the Ricoh Theta Z1 and the Dual Fish Eye plugin, when using the plugin in HDRDNG can you change the aperture settings?

Hi Bydie,

It is posslbe to change the aperature - it’s the first slider beneath the shooting modes.

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So does the dual fish plugin use the default manual settings for the base exposure prior to bracketing and merging?

Regards Nigel Byde

Hi Bydie! I also just started using this plugin. I wanted to know could you figure out how to set the aperture in DualFishEye plugin to 5.6?

Sorry no I didn’t. I use apple iPhones so not sure if that function is available on Android plugin

Finally i bought the “DualFisheye Plugin Remote” application for Android where you can change the aperture. Thanks anyway for your answer.

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Good idea! unfortunately I’m an iPhone user. Doh!

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Just a note that the developer tried for a long time to get Apple to accept the iOS version of the app into the App Store.

You can see from the thread that at least one guy bought a used Android phone for $30 to use the app.

My understand is Yoichi even got the help of the RICOH legal team to try and persuade Apple to accept the app into the store. However, Apple rejected the app several times. I don’t know the exact reason.

Just wanted to let you know that the developer, Yoichi, spent the time to build an iOS version and received good support from RICOH, but the submission process to the Apple AppStore is tough. I don’t think he could have done anything more.

He just posted on the status on Jan 31.

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