PoseHeadingDegrees/GPSImgDirection seems to be random.

I am trying to use the GPSImgDirection in the 360 pictures, so that I can orientate all the pictures in the same direction, but the GPSImgDirection seems to be random. I have taken two pictures with exactly the same position and orientation (the ricoh was on a tripod), but the GPSImgDirection was different in both pictures.

I am using a Ricoh Theta V connected with an Android smartphone. The pictures are also taken indoor.

Does anyone know what causes my issues?

Thank you in advance!

Any possibility of a magnet being close?

I haven’t found any magnets nearby. I even tested with the compass of my smartphone to see if there would be any issues, but I haven’t detected any interference on my smartphone.

There’s a relevant discussion here:

I’m not sure what the GPSImgDirection refers to. As the camera does not have a GPS unit, the GPS must be coming from the smartphone. Are the PosePitchDegrees and PoseRollDegrees changing?

Xmp.GPano.PosePitchDegrees                   XmpText     4  -0.9
Xmp.GPano.PoseRollDegrees                    XmpText     4  -0.6

There’s a tutorial here on accessing the raw data of the orientation sensors:

If your camera is unlocked (it’s free), you can install a compass app inside the camera and confirm that the internal magnetic field reading of the camera is correct.

What firmware version are you using? You can update the firmware with the desktop app and a USB cable.

GPSImgDirection was different in both pictures.

The PosePitchDegrees and PoseRollDegrees are indeed changing as well.

Also my ricoh is not unlocked yet (I am waiting for it), so I cannot test that yet.

And the firmware version I am using is 2.50.1 (the latest one).