Projecting LiDAR pointcloud onto equirectangular images from RICOH THETA V

I am a student working on a project which consists, for now, of projecting a pointcloud from a LiDAR onto an equirectangular image. I am using an ouster LiDAR and a RICOH THETA V camera.
I have tried looking for libraries or scripts helping in my task but so far no luck. I also tried to code my own script to do so, but to no avail.
I am considering splitting the equirectangular image into dual fisheye images and then projecting the points onto them and converting them back to an equirectangular image, but I have no idea how to do that either.
Has somebody done anything similar or got any clue on what to do?
Any advice is welcome

There are several people doing similar things.

You may want to reach out to people directly and ask what libraries they are using.

people in this topic are using a live stream, but they may have similar challenges.

I don’t have experience with this type of development or technique.

This might be useful for you.