React Native Expo Demo App

Hello Yall!

I’ve used this video to make a demo app myself.

In the video I’ve followed along with my own fork of the Repo mentioned in the video. If you guys want to check it out here is my fork GitHub - AirTechWick/theta-j-demo-start-erik: Dark Background . I added Sleep Delay Off and Sleep delay On that sleeps in 1 minute on my fork.

A couple of tips while developing the Demo:

  • npm start → press a to start an Android Emulator (Install one if you don’t have one)
  • In styles.js you can modify your theme of the app and change colors

Expo Go - Project Link to Try the App on your Mobile Device

Snack Link - Try App in the Browser and Edit Code


In your screenshot here, I see you’ve added the text “Set Image Successful” - I like this.

I’ve looked in your repo, I see it in app.js. Here’s the code from line 102:

onChangeResponseWindow(“Set Image Successful!\n\n” + data);

Compared to most other buttons:


Is there anything else you did?

the onChangeResponseWindow(data) is a React Hook. the parameter passed to the hook is a string. You can add a string to another string with a plus sign. In Erik’s example, "Set Image Successful!\n\n" + data, everything before the plus sign is a string that is added above the response from the fetch call.

I’m attempting to build an apk now to run on a physical device Android tablet.