Recommended Wifi Card to help with Connection Stability

At Home when testing my RICOH THETA SC2 I noticed the Wifi issues that some people mentioned. I was using this USB Wifi card. During testing and development of the SC2 I was disconnecting a lot and having connection issues.

When I switched over to this Wifi card I had a great connection and wasn’t having any camera disconnects anymore. Make sure your desktop computer has a PCI-E port available if using this model though.

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Nice. Unfortunately, I don’t have a spare PCI-E slot on my computer. My build is 5 years old and not super reliable. Maybe I should do a more normal modern build with an ATX board and normal case.

I have the motherboard below and although it has built-in WiFi, I often have connectivity problems to the SC2.

I can ask my little brother which wifi card he got as well since he didn’t have a PCI-E slot avaiable, and got another wifi card model about a week ago for gaming on wifi.

it’d be nice if it were a USB interface. maybe he’s using it all the time, but if you can check if the SC2 works with the card, it would be good info.

I’ve been having problems with my computer anyway since the power went out in Palo Alto and my computer no longer boots into Windows as the bootloader may be corrupted. I haven’t looked into it too much.