Reduce Lens Flare with THETA S 360 Camera

If you see a lens flare in your pictures, try pointing the side of the camera to the sun or light source.

This information from MEC4D

If you point the one lens to the sun you will get red , blue and yellow flare no matter what plus sometimes bloom effect on only half of the panorama, To avoid it, the best result is to point the middle of the cam lenses to the sun, it will eliminate additional flares and bloom effect still you get red lens flare no matter the position of the lens, but the flare is different depends on the vertical position of the sun to the camera , how lower the light source entering the lens how bigger the lens flare. when I shot in a darker place with for example with big opening one the front, I noticed that pointing the front lens toward the light source will create horrible bloom effect and issue after stitching however setting the cam on the side where the both lenses capture the light and dark area the effect is gone, but sometimes I am getting double flares but is easy to edit in still images. I believe the shutter speed is too slow at 1/6400 in some situations like sunny days with the f.2 , but works great indoor or on a cloudy days , they should definitely increase the shutter speed to 1/8000 in still images, it would make the cam so much better and improve the quality and dynamic range and if you going to do outdoor HDR it is a must. Right now the highest dynamic range I am getting indoor is 15-19 where outdoor on a sunny day maximum 4 ending in burned image and there is not a way to get rid of the burn, it would also improve the flare and bloom effect .

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