Res spot in theta sc photo

Now I have a Ricoh Theta SC, it’s work fine but any photos have aleatories red spots ( normal two red spots in photo). It’s hard edit each photo for erase red points. Have any solution?

Try to orient the side of the camera to face the sun or light source.

This can easily be removed with the in-painting tool in Affinity Photo

NOTE Affinity Photo also have Equirectangular Projection


Yes but … It’s a design o tech problem … I have a dreem … a automatic filter in a new firmware version (it’s similar a reed eyes problem).


The red spot are a lensflare i think removing this with a filter will hurt the red color in the whole image, the same thing happens when removing chromatic abbaretion without first doing this on a copy layer and later merch down before saving
PS. I think
The Red spot are acturly a THETA fenomen, maybe do to the cameras konstruktion bending the objektives light in prismes inside the camera body before this reach the censors.