Restore deleted files from Theta V - Mac large file transfer problem

I have downloaded two big (more then 4Gb) videos from Theta V to Mac via Image capture but not RICOH THETA File Transfer for Mac. The files are already deleted from Theta V. Those downloaded files can not be played/stitched.

ANY HINTS? :exploding_head:

Sorry to hear about your problem with deleting the large video files off the camera. There are many people that use Macs on this forum. I hope someone can help you.

The original file is not in your Trash Can on your Mac, right?

May not work

I don’t think this is a solution, but if you can quickly print out the metadata for the corrupted file and for a working file, it might help you trace the problem. Note that I don’t have a Mac, so it might be better to wait a few days and see if someone with a Mac can answer your question.

You can do:

exiftool filename

for both the corrupted file and for a known working file. It might show you if there is an easy fix by adding metadata to the corrupted file.

It’s likely that you are missing more data from the corrupted file than you can easily add with the technique above.

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