Ricoh Theta error message editing issue

Dear Everyone,

I got some theta footages from another editor colleges to work. All the files name are “theta1-2018-06-07-17-41h264” and similar.

None of the video player or editing softwares read or play them even the Ricoh Theta software. It gives me an error message: “An error has occured Sorry, please perform the operation again from the start.”

What could be the problem? Do i need a different software or the files are not complete or damaged?

I have not found any solution yet, but i have to finish the project :slight_smile:

Thank You

The person that gave you the file most likely edited the files and put the files into a format that your software can’t open.

The file names from the THETA should be




The resolution will look like this:

It’s likely that the file itself is corrupted. The THETA video is a standard MP4 file with H.264 encoding @ 30fps.

Can you post the file information such as frame rate, data rate, frame width, and frame height.

Are you sure the person sent you video files and not project files?

Thanks for the answer!
There isn’t any video file info which is strange, but i uploaded one of these file. It’s not a project file.

DL link:

I downloaded the file and can’t play it.

This is not a file that was saved to a THETA camera. The person that sent you the files downloaded the files from the camera to their computer then used another application to edit or convert the files. When they saved the output from their program, they stripped out the information needed to play the files.

Do you know if they saved the video to the camera? Or, did they use live streaming to save the video to disk?

Can you get the original video files?

Here’s a test clip from a THETA S.

The file you uploaded unfortunately does not have the information needed for the video players and video editors to use the file.

Sample from THETA S


Thank You!! :slight_smile:

I will contact with the owner of the camera, i hope he can gave me something!

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