Theta V with Theta S Firmware

Hey everyone!

I just got my hands on a Theta V, but when I went to update the firmware I noticed that the firmware installed was:Theta S v.1.70.

I’ve been searching everywhere on how to factory reset the Theta V, so that I can install the correct firmware (v.3.82.1); but could only find info on reseting settings through API and other applications.

It’s my first time using any type of 360 camera, so everything is new to me.

Has anyone gone through something like this?

did you try using the desktop app to upgrade the firmware?

Download | RICOH THETA

Yeah I did, then it updated to Theta S 1.90.
After looking closely at the camera, I found the model number to really be the Theta S lolol

I was confused because the friend that I got the camera from said it was the Theta V.
Guess my friend “forgot” what camera model he had.

Thanks anyway

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@FluffyCakes What are you using the THETA S for?

Couple of key notes:

  • Updating to 1.90 is good. That’s the most recent firmware version. That’s what you want.
  • The model is end of life but depending on what you want to use it for it can do a lot: 360 images, video, and live streaming

Some info on S:


THETA models are identifiable by the two initial letters of the serial number on the bottom of the camera.

initials model