Idea for File Manager Plug-in

After the surprisingly positive response to the idea for a "reset plugin"here and here, I wanted to open discussion up for another idea.

It’s theoretically possible to build other small utilities such as a generic file manager for all types of files, not just JPG and MP4. The file manager could have features such as:

  • web interface using nanohttpd or equivalent
  • delete all media (after appropriate warning through web interface)
  • create and delete folders inside of (100RICOH)
  • reset all settings (using this same technique)
  • zip and transfer all compressed media
  • zip and transfer all media is sub-directory of camera
  • move media on camera to sub-directory

Files formats that would be useful to support:

  • .WAV
  • .MP3
  • .HDR
  • .EXR
  • . ZIP

Getting This Plug-in Built

If you want to see this plug-in built, you can simply “like” this topic. We will take that into consideration.