Ricoh theta V - bad resolution

Hi, I bought a Ricoh Theta V and just had disappointment: the photos come out with bad resolution (just like those cheap cell phones), the street mapping that I put in the streetview, ditto, maybe I was “awarded” with a camera defective, because I refuse to believe that a famous and expensive brand like this take pictures like that. I’ll post the mapping of a street I did with Theta V, and I would like to know if the resolution is that same (same resolution as other indoor photos, without mapping purposes). Grateful. Follow the link:
Thanks in advance

I bought a “Ricoh Theta V”. the resolution of the photos is very bad, even when taking photos with the camera relatively close to the subjects.
I have been mapping some streets with this camera too and the result is bad. See an example:

try posting to a Facebook Group like this one:


There are many groups. You can also see the pictures they posted for comparison. Or, search for THETA V pictures here for comparison.

Ok, Thank you so much.

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