Ricoh Theta V doesn't connect to PC

Hi all

We use a Ricoh Theta V in combination with ‘Ricoh360Tours’ for quite some time now for our real estate business.

Since this morning however, the device isn’t detected anymore by the computer. We tried multiple computers and three different cables, but it just doesn’t show up anymore in the Windows Explorer .

Anyone has an idea how this can be resolved or what we can do to make it show up?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards

Can you still charge the camera with the USB cable?

You can try to press and hold the power button for about 5 seconds to make sure the camera is turned off and then turn it back on.

I’ve never heard of this problem before. It’s possible that the physical electrical connection inside the camera is broken.

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Can you connect to another machine and see if it is detected or not?

The original post indicated that the person tried multiple computers. However, we’re not sure which type of computer they tried.

OK, somehow I skipped over that

Does the THETA V with the latest firmware appear as a storage device on your Windows 10 computer?

It appears normally on my Windows 11 laptop.