Ricoh Theta V WiFi connection problem

Hi community,
I have the connection problem on Ricoh Theta V.
I can use the WiFi connection on my phone,but now it doesn’t work and the WiFi insignia on Ricoh Theta V is dark and have no respond.
And I already update the firmware but it still not work.

If the WiFi icon on the body of the camera doesn’t work, there may be a hardware problem with your camera. Can you connect the camera to your PC or Mac with WiFi?

Test it when the camera is not plugged into a USB cable and just running off of battery.

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Thanks for your help ,I think is hardware problem,only the WiFi function doesn’t work,and the battery is fully charged already.
And I can use USB cable connect to my computer,and use live mode with the MPC-HC player,and see the view immediate on my screen,but when I pull off the USB the camera only left with the picture and video mode and the WiFi icon still not work,and my computer and phone cannot connect,but this function is working before,but now it’s have no respose .Is there any other way to deal with it?

live mode will only work when the camera is plugged into the computer with a USB cable.

You may be able to try this plug-in on the THETA V.

However, if it is a hardware problem, you may be stuck. You can use self-timer.

This plug-in will lock it in self-timer mode.

That way, you can at least get out of the picture.

Ethernet no longer works with the THETA V.

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Sorry these days is busy ,so I didn’t notice the message,but thanks for your helping!
I will try it, if still cannot I will sent back to repair,thanks for your help.