Ricoh theta v problem connection wi fi

my ricoh theta v camera turns on normally, but when it goes to connect to the app, the red light appears, there is a beep and it turns off. The battery was at 100%.
Would anyone have a solution?

Have you upgraded the THETA V firmware? What firmware are you running?

You can use the desktop app and a USB cable.

Download | RICOH THETA

it has the latest firmware. battery always 100%. there are many reports of this problem and ricoh from America does not respond to customers.

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Note that I don’t work for RICOH, so this is just one user to another.

My personal opinion of what I would try, one by one:

  • make sure you are powering off the camera, by pressing the power button for 10 seconds
  • delete all images and media from the camera (move it to your computer)
  • uninstall all the plug-ins
  • reset the settings with this plug-in by john parmalee Settings Reset | RICOH THETA Plug-in Store
OK! I appreciate your help. I saw reports similar to mine and I believe it must be the same firmware. but I will carry out the procedures. thanks

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