Ricoh Theta SC Not connecting to WiFi- Wireless lamp not lit

Hi there, I’m pretty new to all this. I recently bought a used Theta SC. However, my naivety completely looked over the fact that the owner was selling it because it wasn’t connecting to WiFi. I thought maybe I could figure it out and fix it, but, no such luck.

Everything turns on except for the Wireless Lamp. It doesn’t change colors, doesn’t stay lit and doesn’t blink. I checked to see if the firmware was up to date and it is and attempted to factory reset it. Still, it doesn’t show up in my WiFi settings.

Anything else I could do?

Thank you so much.

@BambiElise, just one super quick check, Wi-Fi is turned on, correct? It sounds like it’s on but just asking. Press and hold the middle button on the side (shows the Wi-Fi icon over it) to turn Wi-Fi on and off. It it’s off, no Wi-Fi icon light at all on the front. If it’s on, it should be blinking, waiting to find a network.

It should be on? Even when I hold the button on the side it’ll turn on for a moment but then turn off.

Yea, you want it on. If you turn it on and then without it doing anything it goes off after… how long? that’s not what you want. You say it turns on for a moment. It’s blinking and it’s white?

Almost as soon as I let go of the button it goes off. But then other times it blinks for a few times and then turns off. It’s white, yes.

It’s possible the WiFi on your camera is broken.

You need to press and hold the WiFi button for longer than 7 seconds. When you turn the camera back on, the WiFi password should be reset to the serial number of your camera. The Wi-Fi LED should be blinking. Your best chance is to reset the WiFi settings, which is what you seem to be doing. If this isn’t working, you may have an unfortunate hardware problem.

Something must seriously be wrong with it because the WiFi LED is not blinking. I’m not sure where to go from here since I did buy it used. I guess I’m screwed lol.

hello ! i have the same issue lol did you find any solution?