Ricoh Theta Video Frame size getting halved while stitching


While converting the unstitched Videos to Stitched Video (using the Ricoh Theta App) - the Frame size is getting halved. In the unstitched Video the frame size is 3840 x 1920, but in the stitched video the frame size is 1920 x 960. I am not sure why this is happening. I have even kept the check box mentioning to “Reduce the resolution to 2k” as unchecked.

I want to preserve the earlier frame size as I intend to extract data from the images. Is there any method whereby we can preserve the original frame size ?

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You can set the camera to stitch the video internally.

If you want stitch with the desktop app, it should stitch the 4K dual-fisheye video into 4K equirectangular.
If you use a service like Google Drive or Dropbox to post a short clip of the 4K dual-fisheye, you can post the link tot he video here and we can try and use the desktop software to stitch it.

Thanks for the reply. I started experimenting with the software. I first converted a 1.7 GB video - for this video the frame size got reduced. Then I converted a 500 MB video. For this the frame rate remained the same. Then I updated the Desktop APP and reconverted the first 1.7 GB video. The new App maintained the frame size for this larger video.

Possibly the older app was having some automatic configuration to reduce frame sizes without letting the user have those options for larger videos.

We capture data for street view and I usually mass convert videos (around 45 GB of videos at a time split into 10 to 25 files). Hence, now I will try to mass convert the videos and check the frame sizes.

Anyways - thanks for the update and your offer for help. I will get back to you if the mass conversion reduces the frame sizes.

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If you capture videos for streetview, you may want to consider the RICOH THETA X which can shoot at 8K 2fps, 5fps, or 10fps. The video file also has the CAMM data accessible. You can use the Google Street View Studio app or the Google Streetview Publish API. I believe that people can use the API below to convert the video to an image sequence, but I have not tried it.

The API won’t work with the video from the SC2, V, Z1.

Which RICOH THETA model are you using?

Hi Craig,

We have a couple of Z1’s. We are not capturing for street view. It is for our own works.

The problem got sorted with updating the application. We are good for now. Thanks for replying back. I had missed the email earlier with your reply.


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Thanks for letting me know that you were able to resolve the problem with by updating the app. I marked your post as the solution in case other people have a similar problem.