SD card slot modification

We all know we can expand the SD card capacity but has anyone else built up the courage to cut a hole in the side of their Theta S for easy quick access to the SD card??

I did mine tonight, it’s not pretty but it works. My selection of SD cards however, do not. (I’ve just bought a Samsung 32GB orange micro SD card. So hopefully that will work…)

Cards I have tried that didn’t work:
Sandisk Ultra 32GB (Class 10) HC I
Sandisk Ultra 128GB (Class 10) HC I

Card I’ve tried that have worked:
Random unbranded 8GB (Class 4) HC I
Transcend 32GB (Class 10) HC I
Samsung 32GB (Class 10) HC I

I await the Samsung 32GB to see if that’s a more permanent solution.

Would be interest to hear your thoughts on this… And also if you have upgraded your SD card what brand have you used?



This post has more information:

Samsung EVO 32GB orange is most common that works.

Someone posted more info on the Transcend card.

I believe the max someone has reported as working is 32GB.

I think @jcasman saw a picture of someone doing the case mod like you to make it removable from the outside. I can’t find that picture.

Nice job on the mod.

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I just bought a selection of SD cards this evening… So will try them out later in the week… Having the side SD slot, is such a simple thing… No idea why Ricoh didn’t include expandable memory on the Theta S from production.


Yea, in this Reddit thread from 11 months ago @looeee uploaded this picture with a slot clearly visible cut into the side.


A little neater than mine… But glad to see i’m not the only crazy idiot out there.

@mrtheta That’s an amazing mod you did. I’d be super proud and stoked if I could do something like that. :slight_smile: :theta:

Did you get the 32GB card working?

We passed this feedback on to the product manager for future version. No guarantee it will make it into the next product, but the right people at RICOH are aware of the demand for this type of feature.

Agree. Also super cool @mrtheta that you posted cards that did and didn’t work, too. That kind of info is super useful.

Have you heard of any card working in the 32GB class other than the Samsung EVO Orange 32GB?

No, which is why @mrtheta saying that the unbranded 8GB (Class 10) HC I card works caught my attention. I have only ever heard that the Samsung EVO 32GB card works.

No problem, i figured it would be a good idea to have a list of cards that didn’t work…

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yeah that one took me by surprise, after 2 hours of unscrewing, cutting and poking… None of my 32GB cards worked… As a last ditch attempt I tried an old 8GB card that i had lying around and it worked with no problems.

I have ordered a Samsung 32GB and a Transcend 32GB card so hopefully one of those will work.

Now I have a convenient hole in my Theta S changing the cards is now a 5 second job,


cc: @codetricity

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If the Transcend 32GB card works, it will be the first verification that it is usable… Everyone suspects that it will work, but it’ll be good to get a verification. Thanks!

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Next Step are a nice waterproof door that covers the memory card and the battery
i acturly use to run out of power before the 8G card runs out .
Can you change the SD card when the THETA S is on ?
and what system / kernel are running on the camera?

You can, but it will throw an error beep and shutdown. It doesn’t affect the card recognition when you restart (yet anyway)

Stock everything, latest firmware.[quote=“Svendus, post:14, topic:420”]
Next Step are a nice waterproof door that covers the memory card and the battery

I just bought one of these cheap silicone covers to prevent dust and fluff getting in.

For that i use a battery pack attached to a tripod, works a treat!

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Thanks we have also a power-bank but we usually shoot at 6-9 meter (6.5 - 9.8 yards) in the air and that makes the camera almost disappear

latest firmware all right
but what system / kernel are the THETA S running ?

maybe a question for a developer…

Transcend 32 Go Carte mémoire microSDHC Classe 10 TS32GUSDC10E [Emballage « Déballer sans s’énerver par Amazon »]

I can confirm… This card works perfectly.
32GB Transcend TS32GUSDC10E


Hey @mrtheta, I see your post over on RICOH THETA Users Group, too. Very cool. How long did it take you to pull your THETA apart and put it back together? And does it feel as tight and good now that it’s back together?

All in all about 30 mins… I did it quite tentatively. But if i had to do it again, it’s a 10 min job. But now I have the side slot, I don;t ever see me having a need to re-open the case.

Yeah it feels as it should, no weak spots or creaks…

I have to say, I highly recommend this modification to anyone looking for larger capacity.