THETA V: Does Not Have a MicroSD Card

There was incorrect information on that stated that the THETA V has a MicroSD Card. This is incorrect. The THETA V does not have a MicroSD Card.

In addition, I heard that unlike the THETA S, hardware-hacker enthusiasts can’t access the THETA V storage. There is no way to change the MicroSD Card even if you disassemble the THETA V. As far as I know, there is no card inside the THETA V.


@codetricity but i think we are still able to use the setting the old Postview / move

now named Display after shooting, in the Settings on Android 6 and 7 you should be able to transfer and move the tfles via a USB cable to the Phones inten memmory or micro SD card if you run out of Storage.

Camera settings

Erase original images

Display after shooting