SD card slot modification


UPDATE: Based on some previous posts, I did the following:

  1. Reformatted 32GB Samsung Orange using Windows built-in formatter (Default allocation size of 16KB)
  2. I copied the 2 folders from my 8GB to my Desktop and copied them to the newly formatted Samsung Orange

After inserting card into Theta, still only have the ~50MB space AND the images from the “onboard memory”; not able to access the additional memory from the new card. Also, initial multiple beeps still on power on and red light above shutter button blinking.

At this point, I will have to go back to my original 8GB card to be sure that it isn’t anything else that could have been caused during opening/closing of the camera.

I’ll keep it posted here, if you guys don’t mind…

UPDATE: Before (admitting defeat and) going back to the original 8GB SD, I thought I would erase the current pics on the camera (~50MB) and see if that was the reason why the camera wasn’t seeing the SD card. Even after erasing all pics on camera, still get the red flashing light, and beeps - I’m thinking that taking pics with a non-readable card (SanDisk 64GB) forced the camera to use another location to save. I’m also having issues with plugging it into USB of computer - it seems to shut down whenever I plug it in, even when I try to power it up. I was thinking of doing a factory reset to re-initialize the camera, but can’t find the Reset button that Ricoh says is above the Serial number.


Back to factory 8GB - All systems normal. Still have some computer connection issues, but will try different cables/computers to see. Based on this, there was probably something wrong with the SD cards I was using? If anyone has experienced anything similar, would love some guidance.

Is the Samsung Orange 32GB I got not correct? Did I format it properly? Maybe I didn’t push it in “all the way” ? Through this whole exercise, I have disassembled and assembled this Theta at least 5 times now… Now that I know my camera can still read SD cards, I will have to find the energy/motivation to try again; but I’d feel more comfortable if I knew what wasn’t working with the SD cards that I’ve tried, and to know that the next card I try will work.

Hope this helps someone someday…


OT: if we run out of memory on the THETA S we just change the settings from Copy to Move
the iPhone has plenty with storage and it automatically uploads to i Cloud and Dropbox with full Warranty :flushed:


@Svendus has a good point. It’s not recommended to hack the THETA to change the SD card. If @TechRocks wants to pursue it for technical challenge, I suggest he gets the exact same card and format settings from @mrtheta. At least he’ll get to 32GB. It seems that he went back down to 8GB.



“Your iphone” may have plenty of memory… :wink:

Mine is running on fumes =)

Maybe it’s time for an iphone upgrade as well with this new Theta. I did recently spring for the iCloud upgrade which did free up tons of space.



Thanks. Yes, I reverted back to the original 8GB card for now. Waiting to see what else I can change to ensure a more likely success rate in the next attempt. It’s tough to test because I disassemble/re-assemble it each time to test. I tried to test without having to re-assemble (usb cord w/o battery) and it didn’t power up; probably due to certain components that have to be in place.

Unless I get more info, my next attempt will be my current Samsung Orange 32GB after I truly “format” the card; My first attempt with the card was a “Quick Format”, and perhaps that was the cause? Should that fail, my next step will be to get a new card, probably Transcend 32GGB, and retry the process.

Since i’ve already opened it up, I might as well move forward with the upgrade, right? It’s now been categorized as a personal “quest” =) I just want to find the right answer. Maybe it can help someone else and perhaps all this effort won’t be in vain.

Thanks all! Happy New Year!