Setting Wi-Fi frequency band on THETA V

The THETA V has the ability to operate at 5GHz in addition to 2.4GHz. I accidently set my THETA V to 5GHz and found that my Android phone could no longer find the WiFi access point. The access point just would not show up. My phone is does not support 5GHz. I didn’t notice this problem until I rebooted the camera. When I rebooted the camera, I could no longer connect to it from my mobile phone. No way to change it back. :frowning:

Update: I found out that you can reset the WiFi password and frequency channel by pressing and holding the WiFi button on the THETA V. The THETA V will reboot.

I first attempted to change the WiFi frequency with _wlanFrequency. Unfortunately, this didn’t work as my Linux box also did not support 5GHz. Oh no. Well, I managed to use a Windows 10 machine to adjust the _wlanFrequency back to 2.4GHz and now my THETA V can connect to my mobile app again.

If your phone cannot connect with 5GHz, do not mess with this setting. You will be stuck.

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