theta v no wifi?

Hi I have a theta V purchased used here in uk

I cannot get wifi to work?

turn on wait for boot press wifi button nothing!

tried factory reset hold wifi and power

updated firmware

still cannot get wifi on?

wifi works as it tries to connect to my tv in another mode when hold mode button and blue light turns white, and wifi light flashes green

any ideas??

Did you try to press and hold only the Wi-Fi button until the THETA V reboots?

Hey thanks for taking the time to respond!!

If i press the wifi button on its own nothing appears to happen

if i hold wifi button nothing appears to happen for over 30 seconds

is it duff?

It’s unusual that the middle side button (the Wi-Fi change button) does not cause the blue LED or the Green LED to flash. This could be a hardware problem, possibly with the button itself. Can you contact the seller and ask them if there were any known problems with the Wi-Fi?

If you sign up for the partner program (free to join), you can put the camera into developer mode, then use Vysor and a USB cable to apply a factory reset.

Depending on your technical knowledge and motivation, it may be too much of a hassle. However, it may be a path forward. backup all your images to your computer before you apply a factory reset.

I have some understanding of android and linux! we’ll see
I got it from cex here in the uk - but they only have another 1 and its miles away!

I have registered for the developer partner program so i can adb into it and see whats going on…

I have looked at a tear down video of a unit that got waterdamaged and can see they are connected via a ribbon cable that could have failed or the button itself - but dont want to strip it down to find its really had it, then i can’t return it!

Is there a way to test the buttons with adb once I have it unlocked?

it really does just seem like the button is not working

many thanks for your valuable assistance!

best regards


This is a bit old, but basically the side buttons are mapped to keycodes. You can detect KEYCODE_WLAN_ON_OFF and send a debug message to logcat. The tutorial also shows how to remap the shutter button to the Wi-Fi button (the one that you may be having a problem with).

You can also use Vysor to turn on your Wi-Fi (in our tests).