Shooting Time-Lapse with THETA S



Thanks for the insight on the white balance being connected to shutter or ISO priority. I’ve noticed that but didn’t know it was different on other cameras. Thanks also for the hint on full-manual settings at night. Do you have any suggestions for testing? I’ve found I will try some new settings, but have trouble looking at the results, tweaking and reiterating in similar conditions. I guess it’s just more repetition and trial and error?


Do not forget to see the YouTube 4K wood splitter video
by clicking an the small video projector at the tractor :rofl:


Check the red lens flare, it disappear when the the clouds come in front of the sun, i think the typical THETA red spot are the sun itself projected trough the prisms inside the camera :theta_s:


This is a good hint about the red spot. I will try and test it myself.


The red spot newer appears on the 10 times bigger DSLR images (140 megapixel)
i think it is THETA specific, turning the Theta around
the red spot mows to the other lens.


Does it normally appear only in one side / one lens?


Yes on the lens that see the Sun
and one smaller on both sides when the camera turn the side against the sun

Edit: might help to mount the THETA with Polaroid sun glasses :theta::theta:
or Polaroid filters when shooting in the bright sun.


Latest screenshot from RICOH THETA app version 1.15.1 showing “not specified” for unlimited (well, limited by battery life and internal storage) Interval shooting.


Hi Guys,

I have been using LumaFusion from LumaTouch as my video editor of choice for the last year.

Check this out.
Following Jupiter - Full Moon Sunset/Moonrise to Sunrise/Moonset time-lapse video in 360 degrees Mono

I am also working on a 360 pano version with Picture-In-Picture and will share it when it is done.



As promised here is the Equirectangular version of the video with Picture-In-Picture.

Following Jupiter - Full Moon Sunset/Moonrise to Sunrise/Moonset time-lapse video in 360 Equirectangular.


I’m new to the party.
Thank you for this tip!