Stitching Issue.

I took a series of photos and created a HDR Tiff in LRC from HDR-DNG files. I also took a straight ahead DNG file (original).

I tried stitching them in LRC but I get a warning saying that the file size will be limited. And when I try to stitch them in PTGui, the results are horrible. I’ve tried presets and even mapping control points, but it doesn’t work. Is there anyone out there who can figure out why the DNG file won’t stitch properly? It’s a cool shot of a friend and his airplane and I’d love to make a print for him.

Here’s a link to the two files that I have:

Thanks in advance.

No, the problem is that the TIFF has not the original size with 2:1 ration. You probably cropped the image during HDR-generation?

Did you notice that the TIFF already has alignment errors from the HDR generation?
Therefore, it does not make sense to try stitching …

But why did you try to generate a HDR at all? The scene does not require this!

The DNG is badly underexposed but even in that image there is enough detail that can be brought up with standard image processing in LR so that you can get a correctly exposed and stitched result.

Adding HDR to the workflow makes it more complicated and error prone, especially if you don’t know exactly what you are doing.

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