Technical Workshop - THETA V Plug-in Development - Wed, May 30 - Palo Alto

Wed, May 30, 5-7pm, Palo Alto - HanaHaus

Join us for an evening of programming the newest RICOH THETA, the V. Develop apps (plug-ins) that can be installed directly in the camera, avoiding the need to have a paired smartphone. Turn the camera into a customized device when in Plug-in Mode, and jump back out to normal functionality with a touch of a button!

You’ll work through an online tutorial at your own pace, with organizers helping along the way. Roll up your sleeves and get started!


If you already have a V, you can get it unlocked at the workshop and get started immediately. Regular Vs do not work for development. If you do not have a V, we will provide some during the workshop for testing.

What You’ll Learn


  • How to develop a plug-in
  • Hands-on experience with code
  • Development tools
  • Workflow best practices


  • Money-making opportunities available when you develop a plug-in for the RICOH THETA platform
  • Marketing and promotional opportunities for your plug-in with the world’s most widely used 360 camera
  • Advantages of developing a plug-in versus mobile app

Plug-in Development Requirements

If you want to do development

  • Bring your own laptop
  • Come with SDK downloaded
  • Come with Android Studio installed
  • Come with THETA official mobile app installed on your smartphone
  • Bring your Theta V - we will unlock but we need your serial number one day AHEAD OF TIME
  • Review tutorial ahead of time

What if I’m not a developer?

Activities for Non-Developers
If you are not developing a plug-in, there are no requirements except having an interest in RICOH THETA, AR/VR, and 360 video telepresence. We’ll have a 360 video telepresence demo showing live streaming into an HTC Vive headset that non-developers can use! We’ll also have a few THETA Vs available that we can use to show you cool usage tips. (If you’re a developer, full code to develop a Unity-based video telepresence application yourself is available.)


VR Headset Activity Overview

  • THETA V will stream 4K 360 video into a HTC Vive Headset
  • You can move your head in any direction and the scene in the headset will change
  • Single channel audio works
  • VR controllers work
  • We can adjust the height and orientation of the THETA V for different perspectives


Seating is limited, please send an email to to confirm participation. Please send your affiliation and your idea(s) or questions for plug-in development.

Location Details

Hanahaus - 456 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301 - map

Inside Hanahause, look for conference room “Berlin”

Via CalTrain - from San Francisco or San Jose - “Palo Alto Station” - about 15 min away
Via Car - Park your car directly at HanaHaus: During the week, the Cowper/Webster parking garage offers 3 hours of free parking and the Cowper/Hamilton parking lot is available for 2 hours of free parking

Getting all geared up for tonight! If you didn’t send your serial number ahead of time, we won’t be able to unlock your V for you, but DON’T WORRY! We’ll have unlocked Vs that you can use and test out. Also, RICOH THETA pens and stickers! Come on by, we’d love to meet face-to-face and talk THETA.

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Had a great time working with everyone last night. Great feedback on the “VR Lounge Live” live streaming demo from the RICOH THETA into HTC Vive, I had fun talking with new people who were seeing the live streaming for the first time. Cool reactions. I’m thinking it’s good to show off some of the WOW features of the camera even at Here’s a shot of Craig and Carlos after one demo:

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So much great feedback. Thanks.

RICOH THETA images used in the SteamVR Media Player Demo

Setings and Usage Demo for SteamVR Media Player

Live Streaming Demo

Basic Usage

Step by Step Setup

THETA-Specific Setup Tips

GitHub README and Starter Code

There’s some issues with importing the GitHub repo that I need to fix. However, the code on the repo is the exact same code used in the demo. It does work. You may need to tweak it for your specific computer. If you get it to work with Oculus, please report back.

Using Your Mobile Phone When You Don’t Have HTC Vive

Untested hacks. If you get it to work, please report back.

Possible cheap hack for VR tracking:

Possible way to mirror desktop app into phone


Long thread on using THETA V live streaming with Unity.

Equipment Used

The Acer Predator Helios 300 worked perfectly for the demo with the HTC Vive. I used the laptop cooler at full blast. Here’s my review of the system.

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