Theta Desktop App/Video Stitcher - requirements Theta Z1

I built a plugin that can record directly camera preview to an mp4 file. Encoding, all done by plugin, as well as writing to file, so it doesn’t use Ricohs factory built recording. An advantage is that I can record HDR image preview and clearly video quality is much better in my plugin. It can record to equirectangular and dual fisheye video too. I’m facing an issue as when I record in dual fisheye mode, the official Theta Application doesn’t recognize the file and it doesn’t stitch and stabilize the video. Is there a specific requirement for Theta desktop app to be able to stitch an mp4 file as it would be recorded by internal recorder? As per now with custom 3rd party tools stitching could be done on these videos, but would be preferred to be able to use Ricoh apps directly too, to keep the cost low. Thanks!

This is just my personal opinion, but I suspect that the metadata might be read.

Did you inspect the metadata of the video file that is being fed into the stitcher? You can use exiftool -v

Here’s my opinion without checking with RICOH:

  • width and height of video
  • some string identifier in the metadata

Try to edit the metadata of your video file manually to match the default file from the Z1 and see if it can be stitched.