Theta S refuses to turn on

Hello, I got a problem with my Theta S, it wont turn on! I have charged it and when I press the on button it wont do anything, I have tried to upgrade the firmware just in case but it tells me it needs to be charged :tired_face: anybody else with the same problem, any thoughts

Did you charge the THETA using a wall charger? How did you verify that it’s
fully charged?

Is the THETA plugged into your charger with the same cable that came with the THETA?

If you are charging it from a computer, make sure you’re not using a USB hub. It will probably work if the USB hub is powered, meaning the USB hub itself is plugged into a wall outlet for power.

It sounds like the battery is not charging, which might indicate a faulty unit. Maybe try to get a replacement under warranty?

If it were me, I would first try to charge it from a wall charger with the same USB cable that came with the unit and see whether it turns on or not. If you don’t get any lights, you may have to return it to the manufacturer.