THETA V won't stay on.

I have just bought the THETA V and am having problems with the power staying on. I have fully charged it and when I go to power it up it turns on but then a red light flashes on the front, 4 quick beeps are heard then it powers off. This happens every time and haven’t been able to use it. I managed to plug it into the PC and update to the latest firmware. Any help would be much appreciated before I consider returning it.

Please verify that it is fully charged. Leave it plugged in for an hour. If you’ve already done this, check the battery status with the mobile app. If you have Windows, you can right-click on the camera icon on Windows and it will show the batter charge.

If you just bought it, there may be a hardware problem, but it might also be a lack of charge.

You should also try different cables.

Suggest you isolate the problem in the next few days while your camera is still under warranty. If you just bought it, RICOH official customer support is also a good option.

Are you using a Windows computer?