Theta SC Problems do not connect only 5v charger 1.0A

Hello! I live in Brazil I have an SC theta and use in work Google street view. Power button press flashes red light does not turn on camera. I loaded her wall charger after problem appeared. I need an urgent motherboard thank you

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Did you try contacting Ricoh customer support in Brazil? I hope they get it up and running for you.


Hello Friend! thanks for the feedback. I could not contact anyone authorized in Brazil! I need this urgent motherboard. please help me.

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@davilisboa, sorry to hear about your problem. Have you tried to return the camera to the place where you purchased the camera from? I’m in the US and I don’t work for Ricoh. If it were my camera, I would go back to the shop where I purchased the camera. I imagine that the business that sold you the camera, could help you with return. There also appears to be a web site for Ricoh Brasil.

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A câmera comprei de um site no Japão o qual não deram retorno e não está mais na garantia.

Vou tentar contato com o site oficial ricoh aqui no Brasil.

Caso saiba aonde posso comprar a placa mãe nos EUA por favor me diga muito obrigado.

I don’t think you can buy the motherboard separately. I believe you need to ship the entire camera back to Ricoh. Your best shot is Ricoh Brazil. Did you try charging your camera with different USB cables?

Olá! Obrigado pela sugestão,más tentei carregar com outros cabos USB e sem sucesso… O problema está realmente na placa mãe e aqui no BRASIL não tem suporte para theta. infelizmente.

This is not recommended, but some people have taken apart the THETA to replace the battery or the MicroSD card. I have heard no success with the motherboard. Just FYI.