Support Options in Brazil?

I bought a Theta S already used a year ago.

After a week of use has stopped its operation … when I turn cam it turns on a red light for 2 seconds and turns off when putting in portail charger it turns on normally. to charge the precise battery always remove out and put in a universal charger.

with the camera turned off and the battery in its place slowly loses charge.

When connected using an external portable charger in the app it is not possible to see accurately the charge always presents weak battery.
Also it is not possible to update since connected to the pc always accuses weak batting even having good load.

when it is really low, it turns on without needing an external power supply for only 5 minutes and then turns off.

I already tried contact us and the support is only for residents in the country … what do they suggest?
Thank you

The battery is not user replaceable. There have been no successful reports of a user replacing the battery.

I suggest you change your USB cable a few times and make sure that the wall charger supplies 1.5 amps or greater.

At the very end of the thread, Franco Melechi does indicate that he successfully used an LI-92B Olympus battery as a replacement. However, there is no followup for a low-term test. I suggest you attempt to contact him by DM before you attempt a battery replacement.

If you have success, please post a report.

the battery health is great already I realized with another in good condition … would like to buy a new motherboard is possible? Can anyone tell a contact with the manufacturer’s support? I know 6 people here in Brazil with the same problem.

If you go to, does it provide you with a support menu?

I believe that the country support menu changes based on the location you access the site from.