THETA V Plug-in Tests

Music can be played from the internal speakers.

Used adb push to move mp3 audio file to /storage/emulated/0/Music/ from there, normal android apps can play the music.

Virtual and Physical Keyboards Work in Vysor

With current developer firmware, need to kill camera process first before keyboard comes up.

WiFi and Internet Access work from Android

Android OS can connect to Internet using WiFi and then pass Internet access on to plug-ins

Developer options work

Individual processes and services can be killed

Web browser works

Independent Apps Work

Check out the new plug-in developer portal

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Wow, this is a real milestone! This really moves THETA V plug-in development forward. Easier to control and configure plug-ins. Fantastic!

Break out the party hats!! :man_dancing:

I can’t access the microphone yet. Google Play services don’t work yet.

Test with human speech.

Test of Facebook Messenger.

Alexa audio not working.

Able to receive video from Facebook Messenger

More tests.

Unsuccessful Open Camera APK with no modifications.

Gapps and Google Play with modifications

Under Core, extract vending-arm.tar.lz with 7zip plus Lzip plug-in.


Attempting to root device with KingRoot Desktop.

Was not able to root device.

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