THETA V - Single Lens Shooting Plugin - Getting High Quality Regular Images

Hi all! Im Esteban from Buenos Aires and I´m making my first steps in the 360 virtual tours world, using the Theta V camera.
Im loving the results of the 360 photos. But still haven´t found the way to get good quality “regular” images. I tried the “single lens shooting” plugin, which allows me to take regular photos in 2 different aspects ratios. But to my surprise, the quality of those images are quite below the standards of what a client would expect for real estate publications. My resulting images are 1024x768 and less than 400Kb, which doesnt allow zooming without getting pixeled inmediately.
Is it possible to get a good result with this plugin? Is there a way to set the quality of the resulting images? I would like to use the Theta V for both regular and 360 images, so I dont have the need to take another camara for regular pictures.
Thanks all for your help.
Regards, Esteban